Why my mind is open going into 2018

img_6134 I never really go into things with an open mind. I’m such a realist most of time. I mean I predicted my family’s entire day on Christmas when they already had the whole agenda planned. I saw the reality of the family lunch going to turn into a Christmas dinner and so on haha. I tend to look at the reality. But of course, there has been other times I closed myself off to the truth in other situations and then later saw the reality of it. (Hence my last relationship.) Too far? Well, its the truth ha. I mean that happens at some point. A girl or guy being blinded by someone and they either follow blindly or they finally see, They learn and move on or unfortunately go right back to the same thing.

But this next year really has me thinking. I’m Excited about it, about new experiences, trips, and career path. But at the same time, I also don’t know what to think either. That is normal right? I mean we can’t know everything that is to come and of course, I trust God for the best year of growth and get things going in my life. But as far as relationships choosing right schools choosing the next job move etc. I have an open mind about it all. Maybe because I have an amazing helper to guide me through.

If you scroll down in my blog you will find one that is titled “What I learned about taking chances in life”  or something like that. It would be embarrassing to forget my own post. But if I’m being honest I forgot about a couple posts I first wrote on this blog cause even though its only been 4 months since I made my blog site I didn’t care at all how good the content was or how it looked haha.

It’s like looking back at my pics of when I first did winged eyeliner (yikes). But I was pretty decent within a few months of practice after. Not a makeup artist level, but decent. Catch my drift? I feel the same with my writing and blogging. But I say in the blog post that last year my resolution was to “Take more chances” for that year. And boy did I deliver! So this coming year speak out what you want and expect carefully. That is why this year I am going in with an open mind. The only thing I’m claiming is what God has already planned and will direct me in. But I just have to make the first move then he will move as well.

Maybe that looks different for you, but words are powerful. Don’t just shout anything out, Don’t just post “new year new me.” How is it going to be a new year? How is it going to be a new you?

Refresh your mind and leave it open to new things and change in your life. Whether its diet, exercise, learning an instrument, traveling or finding love.

Did I cover the most common resolutions yet? I think so.

So I am going to go back to work tomorrow after being on winter vacation, I am going to keep my mind open and my spirit sensitive this coming year. There will be times I mess up, I will also learn and grow as well. And that is something I can confidently say will happen in 2018! 😉 No resolution needed!

Enjoy the last few days of 2017!

❤ Chloe’


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