Change your style and change your confidence

outfit from Forever 21. 

So I recently purged half of my closet. Have you done that before? Have you randomly started throwing stuff out at midnight with music playing and posting it all on snapchat?  Well, I just did… 

So yes I purged my closet, But basically everything I threw out I bought when I was 17 and I’m in my 20s… so yes it was stuff that needed to go! But I was thinking it had been a long time since I splurged on some clothes for myself. I looked at all the model’s pics on the forever 21 website, got some outfit ideas and added stuff to the cart! But this isn’t about my forever 21 haul. ( That will be the part 2 to this) ha.

I wanted to talk about what the outcome was buying new clothes for myself and how wanting to change my style gave me a new confidence. Keep in mind I’m not a fashionista type girl. I’ll buy a shirt here get some jeans on sale there. And gradually add a couple things, but never go on a full shopping spree. Also, Keep in mind that December is my birthday month as well as Christmas so I had gift cards and extra cash, I needed new clothes so why not?! I will use any excuse to buy something! (I may have a slight problem) I really should just try to become a professional shopper ha.

looking back smile
Over the knee black suede boots, Target. $45? I think. maybe $40. on sale too! Makes me feels so tall! (Which I’m not)

What I wasn’t expecting is that getting new outfits can give you a confidence boost. I don’t get that much of a change just buying a new sweater normally, But I think it was wanting to try something new. Which I recommend to anyone. If you’ve never tried a different style outfit for fun or tried a new makeup look, Try it! The outcome will most likely give you a boost. It may not be your new signature thing but at least you can say you tried and had the confidence to.

Think of it as a self-esteem exercise.  I’ve always admired people who can do drastic things to their hair. (From Afar) haha. Cause that is confidence I do not have! The most drastic hair thing I have done was dye my hair brown (I’m always a shade of blonde)  and get choppy layers. I looked like a wannabe Haley Williams or girly punk singer.

But the cool thing about clothes is you can take it off and try something else! It isn’t permanent. Same with makeup that is one of the reasons I love makeup I can do something drastic but be able to start over or take it off.  I was never scared of makeup when trying new things. I did some crazy things yes and wasn’t that good at first. But I found out what I liked and what my go-to looks are.

But with clothes, I have no idea what my go-to style even is! And that has been the fun part.

I called this pic “Goth Vibes” ha! The way my friend edited and the way the lighting was, super Serious. (Pink Velvet choker, Forever 21. under $3) Beige sweater, Forever 21. On sale under $10. The Saltly stare! 

All in all, It was really fun shopping for myself getting rid of all the striped sweaters from my teens, the flowery shirts, and dresses. It was time to say goodbye to stripes and flowers!  It’s not like I had even worn half of that stuff in the last few years, yet it was still in my closet! Sometimes Saying goodbye to the old can give you excitement for the new. Which is the perfect way to start out the new year! I always feel inspired when I organize my personal space.

And no I am not an organized person by any means and it may not last long until the next time I do it, but it still gives me that boost to get motived! So Don’t change who are and what you like. That isn’t what I’m saying.  I will not be an organized fashionista blogging Instagram girl. And that is not why I made my blog anyway. I didn’t do this just to post pictures and look cool.

I love to write and inspire others. This is my creative outlet. But starting a blog also inspired me to amp up my style a bit seeing inspiration from other bloggers who base their blog on fashion. Also being single probably helped too. Joking…  Actually, I may not be. Anyway! I Hope to inspire you to try something new if you need a confidence boost or need a change. Do something for yourself! There is nothing wrong with it.

I’ve met people who are obsessed with what they wear all the time and obsess over their aesthetic. There is a difference between having vain confidence and humble confidence. Having that humble confidence that you don’t care what people think and you are ok with who you are, turns more heads than a new outfit. And that my friends is what I’m trying to do.

Be blessed, try something new and stay humble


Stayed tuned for my part 2 coming soon of what I bought 😀

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-<3 Chloe’  

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8 thoughts on “Change your style and change your confidence

  1. I am such a fan of having an eclectic style. One day I’m totally girly and the next I’m rocket. Being able to express the different parts of your personality through clothes is an amazing thing. Thanks for sharing ❤️


  2. I am currently changing my wardrobe as we speak. It feels freeing. I am currently loving the French/English minimalist style they have over the pond. This was beautifully written and I can’t wait to read more!


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