Is your spiritual health more important than your physical?

img_6124This is the question that has been going through my head since last year. And since January I’ve come to the conclusion in my own life. 

The main changes I’ve made in my life this year was taking back my spiritual life, my relationship with God and focusing more on my physical health.

Last year around this time maybe a little later in February if I remember correctly, I was in a very unhealthy state. I was under a lot of stress in my relationship, my skin was breaking out worse than the usual once a month, My appetite had decreased and I had no desire to work out at all.  Now Spiritually speaking, my relationship with God was not where it needed to be I was going through the motions spiritually. Going to church was a chore more than out of the heart.

How did I change it? 

Honestly, it was a heart change first, everything else fell into place after I made that change. Checking your heart is the most important thing you can do if that isn’t right then everything else will go south it seems. Your stress, your physical health, your desires your goals. I lost all motivation in life in general. Once I made that spiritual connection and heart change suddenly I was stress-free, anxiety free and wanted to take control of my health for the first time in a while.

Spirituality-2It’s still a daily process 

No, there is nothing anyone can do to have a perfect life. As long as we are living on this earth there will always be things that come up and not go our way. That’s just life in general. But it is possible to live stress-free and be the healthiest version of you. And that is perfect for me. Yes, its still a daily choice and something I have to make time for. I make time in the morning for myself. Have daily prayer and devotional to set my day.

I have to make time for the gym and workouts, also making myself food and healthier choices. Not just something quick and easy.

Where I am now. 

Compared to last year I can say I’m in the best health I’ve ever been. My appetite has increased more than ever. Getting fit and building muscle is still a work in progress though. Needs more time… haha.

But, I’m actually having fun taking time to focus on myself, my goals, my body and my walk with God. And if you haven’t taken that time before it will change your life when you do. Yes its a sacrifice, It doesn’t happen every day. But when I do, I see myself going further. And it is building my confidence that wasn’t there before at all last year.

So take the time, take a step back and find that balance. And the answer to my title is… yes! Yes, spiritual is more important than physical. Kind of a trick question I did there. At least in my opinion and in my life when your heart is in a good place then everything else comes alongside it. Then the confidence and motivation for everything else will come.


Maybe this brought a new perspective or encouraged you. So What comes first in your life? What are things you do to better your mind, body and spirit? I want to know! Leave me a comment below. Also if you have a blog I would love to follow and check it out as well! 

More posts coming soon.

❤ Chloe

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4 thoughts on “Is your spiritual health more important than your physical?

  1. Definitely can’t have one without the other
    I know people so physically healthy but miserable and anxious
    And some so switched on and stable minded yet unfit and unhealthy – it’s all about balance

    I enjoyed reading another perspective on this

    Nice blog 💛💛


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