Valentines Note. It’s ok to be alone.

flowers Let me just say, This post is not going to be one of those “4 steps to achieve whatever” blog posts. I realize they are catchy titles. But no. February was when  I thought I was going to start a love and dating blogs for the month. Didn’t happen.  But never the less I did want to write a valentines post. But why on earth would I give the “4 step advice” when I’m still learning about love and dating in my own life? So might as well tell you where I am with this.

This is not just for the fellow singles. Being in a relationship does not mean you are ok with your self or taking time for yourself (I’ve gone through exactly that) So follow along for some encouragement, grab some Valentines candy while you are at it aha! Cause I’m bringing the tea for this honey!! .. ok I’ll stop. lol 

I know, I know. Everyone and their blogging mother did some sort of V-day post, if you are apart of the blogging world you know how it is with holidays… haha. But I do want to be open about this revelation I had in my life, As of very recently. And it took me a long time to realize it. So I should be able to let it allll out about my mistakes and thoughts of myself etc. Right? Well, I’m getting there and this is a start. And to be honest my blogs that have gone over the best are the ones where I’m open and real, so what the hey!! Let’s get real.

So last year on Valentine’s day, I was making chocolate covered strawberries in my kitchen so overwhelmed by how I looked cause “Whats his face” was there. And here I was wanting something I never had before. A Serious Relationship.

And I wished I had realized that It is ok to be alone and figure things out. Or just take it slow and not rush something. (Note for my single folks) And focus on what is important and what to fix. (Note for anyone)

But moving on from that, I did hear a quote saying ” If you are not ok with being alone, then you are not ok” And no I don’t think we are meant to do life alone. We need good friends who support and good spouses etc. But If you find your self in constant need of another person, then that is a problem.

I realize I’m way late on Valentine’s day and this really isn’t valentines related anyway, but it is something that I wanted to talk about and have gone through.

I have come to learn the difference between isolating yourself and not being ok, and taking time for yourself and being ok.  And you always know the difference. Even if you deny it.  It really helps to have friends who support and check up on you. And tell you the hurtful truth!

If it’s just you and God doing life that is ok. Sometimes I think life would be easier if it’s just me and I don’t even fool with another person again lol. That is the easy way right? But life is far from anything easy. We are going to make mistakes and sometimes even with all the warnings, we can still miss it. I know I did one too many times and there will be more.

But that is how we learn and grow and know what to do differently next time. That is true wisdom.

So what to do moving forward? Trusting God, Focusing and trying to be a better me. To grow and learn for this season of my life.  Maybe that looks different for you, but it is still just as important to know where you are mentally and spiritually. For you and those around you. Which is what I wrote about last time.

Is your spiritual health more important than your physical?

I hope this gave some encouragement to those who may be going through this, or have before. That it is ok to be alone but not feeling alone.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think It’s important to have time alone?  Or How do you balance this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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❤ xo -Chloe’



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