Monday Mood: More like Monday Motivation


Can we point out the fact that Monday comes all too quickly? Also, can we point out one of the downsides of having a weekly serious on a blog is that even when your mind has gone blank and you have no inspiration you still post? Because of goals you set.  I have another weekly series coming. I just have to decide which day, plus I keep changing my mind about the name. But Consistency is the personal goal here people. Something I’m not too good at. Come along if you relate. 

Maybe I’m just being lazy lately?  aha. I unexpectedly had the day off  (Yes, unfortunately, I’m not a full-time blogger and I have to do other things) It’s sad. But never the less I still got out today and went to the gym. Something I did not want to do but I’m glad I did. Gave me an extra push and some motivation. Moving your body and getting out can really cure the mind in many ways. Plus  And I’m pretty happy where I’m going and the changes I’ve made. Being the healthy version of you should always be the goal. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder fitness chick to be active or healthy. Cause I’d fail haha.  You also don’t have to be like a supermodel. But common misconception I’ve noticed..

Music Man.. Can Really motivate you to get some”stuff” done!!  I put on a Spotify playlist while I’m writing and put on some rap for the gym.  And some worship music in the morning! aha. Yes, I’m all over the place, Don’t Judge me.

But it always motivates me in so many ways. Cleaning, workouts, studying and prayer. Music has always been my go to ever since I was in kindergarten and got my first CD player. Ahh, it was a simple time. Although I’m glad I don’t have to buy a ton of CD’s I can just have any song at the tip of my fingers.


funny arthur

I mean who isn’t motivated by food? But I guess you could say it really is scientifically proven there are certain snacks that give you “brain power” and help you focus.  I remember in elementary school they would always give us peanut butter toast for breakfast before big tests, as if that was going to help me in math but.. alrighty then! I remember my 4th-grade self-being like “You are telling me that peanut butter toast will help on this difficult math question”?!! Sign me the heck up!!

Sadly I misunderstood. Being full in the morning just helps you focus. My bad.

But anywho back to snacks! I’m a snacking person, and I’ve made it a point to try healthy snacks during the week while I’m at work, writing or just watching some hallmark movies. I’ll be including some of my favorite snacks in my monthly favorites post coming up. (shameless plug) lol

Write it down.  I think one of the reasons I’m staying consistent is anytime I get an idea or goal I want to achieve I write as soon as I can. And I go back and look at it for inspiration and motivation. There is something about writing things down and getting it on paper. I’m not the type of person that can write notes on my phone and go back to look at it. I’ll end up on Instagram, snap and watching youtube. 10 videos in I’ll have no idea why I originally opened my phone. Sometimes I’ll back and see notes from 2 years ago on my phone and be like “Oh yeah I wrote about that!” But again that is just me, maybe you aren’t as distracted. But it’s hard for me to be 10 videos and 5 snaps in, when I open my notebook lol.

Speaking of which I feel the same about my bible time and prayer. It’s hard to be distracted when the phone is just not in the picture. And as far as motivation goes with being consistent in your God time and with my devotions.. Well, that can always improve. But Does it motivate me? Help me focused?

It motivates me to do better. It makes me focus on what is important. To keep going, to thank God for what I have and where I’m at today. That is something we could focus more on. And could really turn into a whole post itself. It can be hard to stay consistent but its something that is very important to me to try.

candle blog

Light a candle. Simple as that.

I know people would associate candles with relaxing and winding down….which, ok that is true. BUT, All I know is when I light a strong scented Bath & Bodyworks candle I’m a lot more motivated to clean my room. I also love it when I’m reading and writing. It just helps me focus. Maybe because I’m big on smells. My room always has to smell nice. So does everything else… aha.

Alrighty well, I’m going to cry in Spanish now since my Monday starts tomorrow. (JK) kinda.. Hope you enjoyed my Monday mood. Which seems to be all over the place.

How do you stay focused and consistent with your goals and plans? What motivates you? Let me know!!

And Be on the lookout for my next weekly blog posts coming up soon! 

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❤ Chloe’

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