The Easter Tag/ Q&A

glitter egg

Hello and happy soon to be Easter! I love doing Tags and questions for Holidays because well, First I love hearing others answers to the questions and get to know me. And 2nd I’m not a crafty person who will have good ideas for decor or etc ..ha! So I need to post something int the Holidays seasons. I did A Christmas tag and a Valentine’s post you can check out here  .Valentines Note. It’s ok to be alone.

Easter was one of my Favorite Holiday’s as a kid, And the true meaning is even more special. So here we Go!

Do you celebrate Easter? HA! I almost didn’t put this one in, but I had to. Because it’s an Easter tag and they asked if I celebrated Easter… aha. But yes, yes I do! I celebrate Jesus and the resurrection.

What was your favorite thing about Easter growing up? Like most kids …. the Easter basket when I woke up! Easter Egg hunts in my grandmother’s backyard were always a highlight.. and very competitive! haha

What are your plans for Easter this year? Lunch at my house with the family and friends after church. Ham, veggies, MacNCheese the works!

Do you color eggs? No. I can only recall doing that once as a kid. We never did that growing up. I don’t think my mom liked the idea of letting kids have dye lol. But it looks fun!

Favorite Easter treat? Chocolate bunnies were always a favorite for me. And the sweet tart jelly beans.

Least favorite Easter treat? Peeps!! 😛 (Sorry not sorry)

Do you Hunt or Hide eggs? Well, considering I’m in my 20’s … I don’t Hunt anymore. aha. I don’t hide either. My church does  (they have an Egg hunt for the kiddos)

Did you ever get Easter Bunny pictures? … Umm NO!! It kinda terrifies me to this day.. he looks so creepy! I get that may not be all kids.  ha. But to be honest I was never into the “Easter Bunny” as a kid. I did Santa Clause  … but a bunny?! I never bought into that.. .I just wanted the Basket! ha! But if I did get pics they probably would have looked like this

lol bunny


Well on that Note, I hope you all have a great Easter!! And celebrate the true meaning of the resurrection of Christ with your loved ones. That to me is Easter. Bunnies and eggs aside.

Let me know your answers to some of these questions! And If you are a fellow blogger feel free to also do this fun tag!

Happy Easter! xo 

❤ Chloe’

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