Monday Mood: Choosing Joy


Hi & hello. I realize I have not posted a blog post in a hot minute. So if you are still here thank you! And if you are new Heyyy, My name is Chloe. I’m a twenty-something part-time blogger, full-time coffee addict, and Christ follower. I also like makeup and posting to my Instagram ( link below) ha. I also love making videos and have ventured out into the vlogging world very recently. That is One of the reasons I took a break from writing on my blog. That and just changes in my life. But that is life folks! I still want to post a couple times a month especially when I have subjects on my mind like this.

But enough with the intros back the topic that has been on my mind this week: Joy.

More importantly, Choosing Joy.

Last week has had its highs and lows like anybody else would have in their week. But the beginning of last week, in particular, was more so annoying.

And it was really getting to me. I’m usually the type of person that tries to see the positive in every situation. But last week that just was not the case. I was getting annoyed with people around me and matching my emotions to theirs which made it all the more worse. joy quote Changing your perspective. Is Key.

The difference is instead of matching to what is negative in your life, Choose joy. Choose happiness and just choose to have fun and live your life. Because life is too short to get upset and annoyed about every bump in the road. If we did that then we would never get to where we are going on the journey of life.  We cannot focus on every bump, because eventually we will give up and go on the wrong path.

Making sure Christ is your fuel and GPS if you will.  And say joy is what helps the journey become more smooth.  Kind of like music and snacks. Ok, now I’m just thinking about road trips… aha.

Alright, I’m done with analogies.  But that is a key factor. Keeping that relationship with Christ and making the choice every day to have joy. It’s that simple, yet so many people clearly do not know that they can actually choose to have a different perspective. In their lives and situations. And if there is negativity around you I realize that makes it worse.

It takes practice. Honestly. If I’m having a bad day and someone in my house or around me is being negative, it’s so easy to match that.  Or it could be at your work or while driving etc.

fun friends

Last week I just took a day off to go into the city with a friend because, why not?

I think It’s something that should happen every once in a while. Take a short break. It’s worth more than the money I would have made that day. I needed it.

Just taking a day to have fun and not worry about my everyday routine.  Maybe that looks different for you. But take some time for your self. I was reading about things that help mental health and one was to take time away. And since I don’t really journal or do yoga that often haha. I thought a day trip would be perfect. And it was!

Moral of the story is to choose joy.  Easier Said than done right? It takes making the effort of doing it to make you want to keep doing it. Once you see the outcome of it and how much better you feel it really does make the difference.

I’m talking about the week by week day by day occurrences where we can choose either to match whatever is going on or choose to have joy instead.  And I want to choose whatever brings me closer to God and helps others around me.

Thank you for still following along my blogging journey while I took a break! I plan posting more often! If you do not follow my Instagram be sure to! I love following other bloggers as well, And always post updates on blogs and when I post a video as well. 

Own it, rock it & keep living your life! 

❤ Chloe 

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One thought on “Monday Mood: Choosing Joy

  1. Thanks for your thoughts Chloe 🙂 Reminds me of a quote from Dieter Uchtdorf: “Sometimes in life we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey.” Finding joy in the journey is a choice.


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