The filtered life :Monday Mood

bootsI will be starting a new blog post series on Mondays. Basically whatever has been on my mind each Monday and post it. Even though I had in mind what my next post was going to be, I was going to write about my trip to the south and compare my southern small town to my now Oregon lifestyle. Point out all the differences and what has changed. It has been long overdue. But hey what else is new? ..ha.  But something crashed my plans, so now that will be my post…

And  Instagram is to blame. Well, Kind of.

So I follow a lot of bloggers, it’s a daily thing. I’m trying to grow my following and I love connecting and seeing what others are doing. Actually, I’ve been more distracted by Instagram blogging than actually writing.

The reason I started blogging is to write and have a creative outlet. Because I’ve always had one. Baking, taking pictures, theater arts when I was in high school and makeup.  (That one still hasn’t left me ha)  I was never happy just behind a desk. I only liked English and art in School. Which is funny because I can’t even draw or paint.  And I rely on my grammar software too much. Sooo ? Can’t explain that one. haha.

But Instagram for my blog page is fun, I like seeing what others are doing, getting ideas, and supporting others who have the same hobbies and interests.

I never compare myself to the ones who travel the world on a daily basis and have a professional photographer follow them at all times.  (More like I admire from a distance) lol.

Because we live in a filtered world. But We never know who is filtering the hurt, the pain the low self-esteem. It’s important to make sure the inside is ok before posting the outside image.

That is where my blog name comes from. Even though I’ve wanted to change it.  Ha. But the reason for this blog was about to talk about what is going on inside. Helping others and posting what is inside my mind at the time.

There are people who make their oatmeal look like a Van Gogh art piece and post it. And  I just made the instant packet kind this morning. That was it. lol

I love taking pictures I love posting to insta, But at the end of the day, I’m not here to show how pretty my oatmeal is. (Because I would fail) haha. And I will leave that to those who are good at that.

I started blogging to talk about my faith, self-confidence and many other things I still have written down in my notebook.

I like to share my thoughts and views with others and see what their perspective is too. And I’m starting to think maybe that is something I can do.

That and maybe winged eyeliner? Or drinking a lot of coffee…. Also being lazy. Ok, I’m done. aha

And whatever your nitch is you need to go with it!  Of course, I love being inspired by others when it comes to style and makeup etc. But there is a difference between inspire and desire. You can be inspired by someone without having a desire to be just like them or have their life. I use to try so hard to be like certain people, Now I take more pride in starting my own trends and forming my own style and taste.

But now I can move on other posts! Because this hasn’t left my mind. Don’t be afraid to speak out and be you. Because that my friends is more attractive than any picture you could post.

❤ Chloe’

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Valentines Note. It’s ok to be alone.

flowers Let me just say, This post is not going to be one of those “4 steps to achieve whatever” blog posts. I realize they are catchy titles. But no. February was when  I thought I was going to start a love and dating blogs for the month. Didn’t happen.  But never the less I did want to write a valentines post. But why on earth would I give the “4 step advice” when I’m still learning about love and dating in my own life? So might as well tell you where I am with this.

This is not just for the fellow singles. Being in a relationship does not mean you are ok with your self or taking time for yourself (I’ve gone through exactly that) So follow along for some encouragement, grab some Valentines candy while you are at it aha! Cause I’m bringing the tea for this honey!! .. ok I’ll stop. lol  Continue reading “Valentines Note. It’s ok to be alone.”

The rear view state of mind


I randomly got this title and idea of what I’m going through, and anytime that happens it usually turns out really good. Usually, because it isn’t super thought out, It’s truly from the heart. Forget the pretty pictures and posing.  This is what a writer does my friends. I always wanted to be like one. Maybe I’ll pretend to act like one.  Then go back to fashion, makeup and blogging life later. Keep reading for deeps thoughts  Continue reading “The rear view state of mind”

Why my mind is open going into 2018

img_6134 I never really go into things with an open mind. I’m such a realist most of time. I mean I predicted my family’s entire day on Christmas when they already had the whole agenda planned. I saw the reality of the family lunch going to turn into a Christmas dinner and so on haha. I tend to look at the reality. But of course, there has been other times I closed myself off to the truth in other situations and then later saw the reality of it. (Hence my last relationship.) Too far? Well, its the truth ha. I mean that happens at some point. A girl or guy being blinded by someone and they either follow blindly or they finally see, They learn and move on or unfortunately go right back to the same thing.

But this next year really has me thinking. I’m Excited about it, about new experiences, trips, and career path. But at the same time, I also don’t know what to think either. That is normal right? I mean we can’t know everything that is to come and of course, I trust God for the best year of growth and get things going in my life. But as far as relationships choosing right schools choosing the next job move etc. I have an open mind about it all. Maybe because I have an amazing helper to guide me through.

If you scroll down in my blog you will find one that is titled “What I learned about taking chances in life”  or something like that. It would be embarrassing to forget my own post. But if I’m being honest I forgot about a couple posts I first wrote on this blog cause even though its only been 4 months since I made my blog site I didn’t care at all how good the content was or how it looked haha.

It’s like looking back at my pics of when I first did winged eyeliner (yikes). But I was pretty decent within a few months of practice after. Not a makeup artist level, but decent. Catch my drift? I feel the same with my writing and blogging. But I say in the blog post that last year my resolution was to “Take more chances” for that year. And boy did I deliver! So this coming year speak out what you want and expect carefully. That is why this year I am going in with an open mind. The only thing I’m claiming is what God has already planned and will direct me in. But I just have to make the first move then he will move as well.

Maybe that looks different for you, but words are powerful. Don’t just shout anything out, Don’t just post “new year new me.” How is it going to be a new year? How is it going to be a new you?

Refresh your mind and leave it open to new things and change in your life. Whether its diet, exercise, learning an instrument, traveling or finding love.

Did I cover the most common resolutions yet? I think so.

So I am going to go back to work tomorrow after being on winter vacation, I am going to keep my mind open and my spirit sensitive this coming year. There will be times I mess up, I will also learn and grow as well. And that is something I can confidently say will happen in 2018! 😉 No resolution needed!

Enjoy the last few days of 2017!

❤ Chloe’


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Christmas Q&A

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! 

2 day xmas

I know I cannot believe it! Christmas day is almost here and comes so fast yet again. Christmas Eve Eve is always the busiest in my opinion though. I still haven’t baked, have one more gift to get oh and to top it off I’m recovering from a 24-hour stomach bug from last night! Yes, I’m writing this from my bed folks. It was Pure heck and a bunch of other words I will not say haha. I haven’t had one since elementary school! Thankfully the worst part is over and ended last night. So glad that is over with! On to Christmas!

I’ve seen many other bloggers do this Q&A and I was asked to as well. Feel free To do the same if you are also a blogger. If not I would still like to hear what some of your answers would be in the comments!  I love hearing others traditions.

What is on your Christmas wishlist? Well, the first thing was a new MacBook Pro, which I have already gotten 😀 (perks of a Dec Birthday) Other than that I usually ask for some new shoes, I want a cool case for my laptop.  If you have any suggestions where I should buy that let me know lol.

What is the weather like in your area? Well, I live in Portland Oregon so it could change any minute. Right now it is partly cloudy and 40 degrees. Christmas Eve, they are saying freezing rain with a high of 33 degrees (Oh Joy) Then Christmas day goes back to partly cloudy haha.  Basically, it’s always cloudy and wet in the winter. Although we have seen more sun lately.

Are you easy or hard to shop for? Easy. My friends and family know my style pretty well.  People who don’t know what to get me just send Starbucks and Ulta gift cards. Which I have gotten a lot of this year. So that’s fine with me! ha

blog christmasFavorite Holiday treats? If we are talking drinks its the Starbucks peppermint white mocha. I love a good hot chocolate with whip cream too. And my favorite thing to bake is Christmas sugar cookies and candies like truffles. So good!

Favorite Holiday Movie? My top fav would have to be Elf, Home Alone , The Grinch (Jim carry one) And If we are going classic My mom and I watch “Christmas In Connecticut”  really cute old-school romance and “White Christmas” old school Christmas musical.

Favorite cold weather activity? Ice skating!! I love it! plus I never fall! Bonus!

Favorite Holiday memory? I had to think about this one… But the memories I always remember are waking up Christmas morning as a kid at the crack of dawn and seeing what all was under the tree. Also leaving cookies and reading Christmas stories under the tree.

blog christmas 2

So there was my fun Christmas Q&A! Let me know some of your answers below! tumblr-banner-6


Merry soon to be Christmas!

❤ Chloe’


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My twenty-something birthday experience

That was me happy as a clam this fall. Not thinking about turning a year older. ha!

Today is my birthday! I’m typing on my new birthday present super happy! Between sharing a computer with my gamer brother and tv show watching mom, I wasn’t quite able to upload on a more consistent schedule. But my parents gave me a brand new MacBook Pro, so I’d say that was a pretty good end to this birthday!  Now I will be able to blog, edit vlogs, edit pictures and I guess focus on schooling too.  😉 But moving right along let’s talk the about my reality of my birthdays so far in my twenties and what has been the reality of it all.   Continue reading “My twenty-something birthday experience”

Where have you been?

img_6189No I’m not talking about the Rihannah song haha. Although that was my first thought with this title.  I’m talking about my month long absence from writing. Sometimes we come to a point where we ask ourselves, where have I been? And where am I going in life right now?

Just me?  Well regardless I thought I’d share trying to navigate young adult life. Making time for what is really important and trying to get around the blocks in the road so to speak . We all come to stopping points, But you just have to turn the navigation back on and get back on track.

Continue reading “Where have you been?”

How to be glam on a budget


I’ve always been a money-saving type girl, I love finding great deals esp on clothes and shoes. Ever since I was a young teenager actually. I hardly break the bank for those type of things. But when it comes to makeup and all things glam, that is a different story aha.  I will admit I do have a problem. Anyone who knows me knows that for a fact. I love makeup, doing my makeup has mostly turned into a hobby so is trying new products and going to makeup stores with friends. But then I remember I’m about to be a student and in my early twenties, so the whole keeping a budget thing needs to apply to this area as well. I’m going to share some tips that I have been incorporating here lately. It has put some extra hundreds in my bank account that wasn’t there before ha. And to prove you can still have that Instagram, Pinterest glam life without breaking your bank.

Continue reading “How to be glam on a budget”